Dynamics ERP and CRM Project Management

There is no substitute for leadership and experience when it comes to bringing together all the forces necessary to bring a complex project to completion on time, within budget, and while meeting, or exceeding, expectations.

For more than 20 years, Rekun project managers have been successfully delivering mission-critical solutions throughout all phases of the project life cycle. These experienced experts adhere to standard processes that assist clients in reducing risk while ensuring project objectives are met. These processes include:

  • Project planning, estimating and tracking
  • Project administration and financial reporting
  • Customer, vendor and team management
  • Project communication and risk management

Rekun’s project management practices include a formal communication and quality assurance plan to ensure project visibility and accountability to the stakeholders throughout the life of the project. All team members are coordinated around the following imperative factors:

  • Business priorities (objectives and scope, opportunities, and internal and external influences)
  • Time (windows of opportunity and project scheduling)
  • Cost (resource usage vs. project budget)
  • Technology (risks and issues associated with the implementation of new or complex technology)
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