Maintenance, modifications, and upgrades are a major segment of Rekun’s integrated technology services. The objective is to ensure the effectiveness of clients’ systems by providing long term support.

Rekun is uniquely positioned to provide support and maintenance for clients faced with having to “go it alone” once the implementation project has ended. We have the methodology and experience to service your mission critical-applications remotely or on-site.

We deliver support 24/7, with rapid-response times, while meeting the budgetary requirements of your business. We ensure that the implemented system is operating properly, and is capable of expanding as the company grows or needs change.

We provide extensive support services, including access to a wide range of specialist support, including database expertise, 3rd party software, and operating systems.

Maintenance, modification, and upgrade services include the following elements and are applied to Microsoft based systems of all types:

  • Access to maintenance releases
  • Access to new versions
  • Access to pre-release versions
  • Online Task Tracking
  • Assistance with product installation
  • Assistance with product usage
  • Expected maximum response time
  • Premium Contact
  • Phone-conferences and meetings
  • Extended product-lifetime support
  • Support for customized products
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